Virtual Support

Identifying that there is a need for advocacy, connection, knowledge and support everywhere, I wanted to give my time and heart to educate, support, and connect with people around the World who lack these things before, during and after birth. Being able to help parents optimize the love and care they give to themselves, their spouse and children is one of the most satisfying things I can pass along no matter where you are. 

Virtual Services are as listed: 

This package comes with all the things you need to plan for a success during labor and delivery:

  • Check ins with Doula
  • Birth planning session
  • Postpartum Follow Up

Investment: $175

This package is great for moms who may desire more support and help during labor and delivery:

  • Weekly check ins with doula
  • On call before and during labor and birth
  • Postpartum check in
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Self care package

Investment: $550

This package is great for moms who is needing more postpartum help with questions nursing and healing:


  • Two prenatal virtual meetings
  • Core and pelvic floor support
  • Healing/ nutrition support
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Self care package
  • On call for support after birth (6 weeks)


Investment: $700

This package is great for moms who needs a little extra support with feedings:

  • Care package
  • On call support 
  • Nutrition support for milk production



Investment: $200

This package is for moms who have a weakened pelvic floor core, and diastasis recti:


  • On call support
  • Workout program




Investment: Contact for pricing

This class is amazing for first time parents, or just simply want a refresher on newborn care and have questions.


Each class is cater to each families individual needs but the standard  class information we cover is : 

  • Lip/tongue ties
  • Feedings
  • Sleeping
  • Baby Gadgets



Investment: Contact for Pricing