belly binding service

what is belly binding?

Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian belly binding method. This special technique uses a long piece of cloth to wrap the entire torso from hips to breasts.

The long strip of cloth is wrapped or tied around the hip, abdomen, and rib cage to help
mom heal after birthing baby.

Belly binding Is Not

  • waist training
  • a quick fix to a “snap back” after birth

Benefits of belly binding

  • Brings separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together
  • Stabilizes loose ligaments
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves water retention
  • Helps dispel excess water, fat and air
  • Helps decrease back pain while providing back support
  • Reminds you to sit and walk straight – and a great remedy for the ‘nursing slouch’!
  • Helps the uterus, and surrounding organs return to their pre-pregnant state
  • It feels awesome!     

Investment Information

A traditional belly binding session is $200 and includes the wrap, under wrap, and an application of the belly firming/warming paste. I will come to your home and do your first wrap while showing you and a family member how to continue wrapping from that day forward. I will leave you with instructions and a link to video instructions.

1 binding session

Investment: $200 

4 binding sessions

Investment: $500

8 binding sessions

Investment: $900

12 binding sessions

Investment: $1,100


Malaysian belly binding is traditionally worn for the entire postpartum confinement period which is 30-40 days. Of course in modern times, that can seem impossible, so wearing your bind for 12-24 hours a day for 5-10 days post-birth is sufficient.

The simple answer is the custom size and fit. It is not a one size fits all and can not be found anywhere but from your specific body measurements, which will improve your results. Malysian binds are long and start down below the hips all the way up as girdles only cover the abdomen area which can push down on your pelvic floor muscules and organs, potientially causing or worsening pelvic, uterine, or bladder prolapse.

The belly bind is most effective done underneath all of your clothing except for your desired underwear. Once the bind is done, it will be easy to pull your under garments down from underneath the bind and then pull them back up over the bind after. 

When you move, the bind moves. Realize, the cultures that do this also practice confinement, which is a period after birth where the woman remains in bed the majority of the time. If you are up and moving postpartum, the belly bind is going to shift, bunch, and roll. The only way to prevent this is to move less. Part of what belly binding does is encourage you to be down and resting.


No. You can still receive benefits belly binding after 8 weeks postpartum.

During pregnancy the hormone Relaxin works to loosen up all our joints in preparation for birth. This enables the baby to move more easily through the normally rigid pelvic area, as it allows bones and joints a greater range of movement. Unfortunately this can also result in greater discomfort during pregnancy when the pubic bone begins to separate. Sitting, laying down, and normal day-to-day movements sometimes become painful or even impossible. The bind can be tied short, giving support to your growing belly as well as your hips and pelvic/pubic bones. It is easier, however, to simply use a scarf, short baby wrap, or rebozo to wrap the hips, rather than have someone come bind you every day. (Please note: misuse of the belly bind during pregnancy without support from a professional can lead to restricted fetal growth and worsened pain, and is not advised).

Yes. Belly binding ca start for a c-section mom 4-6 weeks postpartum, considering your comfort level, healing and recovering. 

Yes you can, in fact, the belly bind will speed your emotional as well as physical healing.